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Saturday, November 14, 2009

apology ...

to all semester one students.....i'm sorry....due to technical and unknown problems of uploading your project videos........i need to learn more about this ...... however try to spend our few times with this video.... it's about some of your pioneer friends who left the college in the middle of their battle here... Perhaps they do have their own path to proceed and probably they found new brighter future way to take.... however what they chose, i hope they did not make the wrong decision.... enjoy it..

to let you go.......

poem by unclejoe, song by bro bayu, clip by poji

i held you close to me,tried to surround you and protect you,

with my concern and care

to keep you safe, from all harm, but it was not, what you needed

I wanted to keep you, yourself not for me,

encircled and sheltered, instead of allowing you to grow and flourish,

spread your wings, explore your potential

I now realize, I cannot contain you,

and that your happiness, is best discovered without me

to let you go.....knowing I must,

set you free, this is the hardest task, I have ever done

fly away, fly free, fly high

go from my sight, quickly and do not look back

for if you do, you will see, a smile covering, the broken heart

the tears of loss are, slowly replaced with , tears of joy ...I hope

knowing your happiness , will soon follow,

may your wings, take you

to magical places, and all your dreams be fulfilled

be happy in all you do , and may you find the correct path

and what you dream

that is what, I have always wanted from you.....

uncle joe

Desaru 2008

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Bro Bayu said...
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Bro Bayu said...

the secret is....this song is taken from my collection (in my desktop)...i guess it's a korean song.

Bro Bayu said...

You should display the lyric of the song...