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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

flowers for women leaves for men

cuti-cuti at Mersing...behind is the scenery of mainland and we are in pulau rawa

My love drives me to this building of 'taman cinta'. She leads me how to arrange those pots and containers in our balcony garden. However she just asked and ordered what to do and suppose to put where....i didn't allow her to place all those things because she still carries our offspring in her womb...hehehehe

there are some other keladi as well which i did not snap yet... later kay....

I dedicate this garden special for her since women like flowers... and flowers are women and women are flowers....i just like some caladium or keladi or yam or some people call it elephant's ear... since these plants are easy to take care of and grow and even easy to 'breed' as well... just through their rizom or its ubi ....furthermore keladi shows its beauty through their leaves... flowers for women and leaves for men.....

last touch up before the tear of joy

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